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New Homes in Spring Hill KS | 217th Street & Madison Street
Priced from the Mid $300s-$400s

Nestled into a growing and vibrant community Maplewood Valley is specifically designed to be more than a neighborhood. Strategically located next to the Spring Hill Aquatic Center and Park, Maplewood Valley is a uniquely suitable space for families to grow.  Our HOA facilitates events that serve as springboards for deeper relationships so that each new member of this community can be known and appreciated. Each new family is presented with a “Welcome Home” doormat bearing their name. We hope this doormat reminds them to open their homes and lives to their neighbors and create meaningful relationships. Neighborhoods are made of streets and houses, but communities are built of people and relationships. It is to this end that Maplewood Valley was created. Welcome home to Maplewood Valley a community where you already belong!

Spring Hill Aquatic Center
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 217th Street & Madison Street
Spring Hill, KS